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Summer Holidays. A study by ONDECK VACATION reports that only 57 percent of small businesses planned summer vacations last year. In addition, only a quarter of these businessmen set themselves a few days to get out of the house.

There were other unpleasant truths to be found in this infographic. The first was that the majority of small business owners did not completely leave their jobs while on vacation. Another is the disappointing statistics that the reluctance to have a vacation is generally evident among people who work alone and independently – especially those who are starting a new business.

Given how much fatigue and hopelessness can exist for freelancers or small businesspeople, this holiday offer is a smarter choice to put aside fears and have a good holiday this year.

Instead of giving you typical advice in this area, such as planning, informing customers, moving away from technology and being a prop, etc., I prefer to focus on more key points. Next, you’ll find 12 things that can help you get a stress-free vacation while still running your business. (It should be noted that we are focusing on web designers or freelance web designers here, but in general these recommendations apply to everyone who works independently and also for small businesses. ).

۱۲ Recommendations for Having a Stress-Free Summer Vacation as a Freelance Website Designer

I know that thinking about scheduling time away from business is a little scary. After all, if you’re not available for your job – especially if you don’t have one to fill your place – all phases of your site design project will stop. It is true? Well, that’s not necessarily the case.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you spend your stress-free summer vacation while your business is not affected by your absence.

۱٫ Schedule your vacation by time

Summer Holidays Business. There are times when you are tempted to take a break, especially when the workload is low or there is no project to work on and you should seize the opportunity. If you want to shut down for a longer time, it’s best to plan ahead because you and your customers have more time to prepare.

  1. Strategically plan summer vacations.

Depending on what industry or area you work in, you may be lucky enough to work with clients who go on summer holidays at a certain time each year. Like sections EducationalWhich are closed in summer. Or certain parts of the sale that go on vacation during the holidays. If there is a short season for you, use it and plan your vacation accordingly.

You can also schedule vacations based on a conference you planned to attend. For example, if you are a web designerWordPressWell, you might be thinking about attending WORDCAMP this year. Why not plan a few days around these conferences for your vacation? This may make you feel less guilty and guilty.

  1. Take a shorter vacation.

I am one of those people who feel guilty about going on holiday because of the shorter vacation time for me throughout the year. Instead of devoting a full week or two to this holiday, I plan on three or four days every two months. I, like many others, spend the same amount of vacations a year, but I don’t use them all at one time.

  1. Specify the vacation time on your calendar.

When you decide to take a break, you have to mark it on your calendar to always remember it.

If you have a separate system for monitoring your projects and tasks, use it instead of a calendar. I write about my vacation days at ADANA, because it motivates me throughout the month to deliver all my contracts and projects sooner. This also helps a lot in my planning process, so I make sure that all the work and projects have been completed or completed before going on vacation.

  1. Set a budget for your vacation time.

Summer Holidays Business. If you are less concerned about losing your customers or lagging behind in your site design work, and more concerned about going on holiday, losing money and income, vacation costs Add to your budget and consider separately. This way, you can meet your sales and revenue goals and make up for the lost amount of vacation time.

You can always set aside vacation costs every month, such as the rent, insurance, marketing and advertising and other business expenses.

If you have no budget for these vacation times, you can work weekends to make up for it. For every day you go on vacation, plan to work one day each weekend until you have enough money for your vacation. But be careful. This can make you tired of your site design work, which can eventually eliminate the enthusiasm for your vacation in general.

  1. Notify current customers of your website design sooner.

If you are unavailable for more than two days, you should let your customers know. You must inform them at the same time as you complete your plan and inform them of your absence. This way, when customers ask you for an ETA in their site design project, they won’t be surprised and surprised that you tell them that this holiday can be two weeks because they won’t go wrong and do their job. Will not be postponed to the second week you are not. If you care about your customers this way and pay enough attention, they will understand more and it is much better to suddenly notice your absence.

  1. Turn on your auto responder.

For any person – inactive customers, contacts, third-party buyers, or anyone you are not in regular contact with – use an automated responder email that notifies you in due course.This email does not have to be very long and you do not need to tell people exactly where you are going. The only thing I recommend is to remember the essentials. If you want your customers to contact you in a timely manner, you can provide them with an email address or a phone number to contact them when necessary.

  1. Get less busy the week before the holidays.

Summer Holidays. When planning your work before the holidays, you don’t have to do many urgent and urgent things. In other words, do not launch a site design, do not submit a site design template for a client to review, and so on. You should not put yourself in a situation where an upset and anxious customer will not be able to contact you for a while and report that there are problems.Also, do not accept any new website clients or site design projects before the holidays. The relationships you have with your clients are very subtle and sensitive, so it is best to set a time for projects or new web design clients that are fully accessible.

  1. Everything you can bring to the project automatically.

For web designers, automation is not necessarily an option. What I would suggest in any case is that if there are parts of the site design project that you have outsourced to others (such as author, programmer, QA), plan until you are on vacation. Be sure to do the same and follow your normal routine.

I also suggest that you automate your specific business processes as much as you can so that they can go their natural way in your absence. Marketing is a simple thing to do in this field. Write blog posts over time. Make your weekly and monthly newsletters faster. Reply to all social media messages. Then, use and apply your own automated marketing tools to plan for them when you are absent.

  1. Make people your representative.

If you are currently freelance designing, this option is not for you. This can be useful to you if there is another site developer who can open an account for you to manage your website design contracts and projects during your absence. Essentially, all they have to do is take care of customers who have questions or concerns or inform them of emergencies. If you already know and prepare your customers, they don’t have much to do.

Another option could be to hire a virtual assistant to make up for your absence, but it is much better to hire a professional site designer to handle the situation in your absence.

  1. Don’t take your computer with you during your vacation.

If you bring your computer with you on vacation, you are tempted to work. Instead, open an account on your mobile phone to access some of the essentials. Just make sure you have it already prepared for:

  • Add any app you may need when you need it (for example, ADOBE SOFTWARE, WORDPRESS, etc.).
  • Collect all your work emails in a separate folder, so you know where to check them.
  • Add a list of customer contacts and project tips to your mobile phone, so your phone can easily become a holiday reference resource.

If you also need to work during the holidays, just do light and simple things at certain times of the day. This is the time to do a little bit of your own business, not this another place to work.

  1. Earn significant income.

The key here is to find a way for your site design business to generate significant revenue: build your own website with marketing andAdvertising Follow along, write e-books, launch serial tutorial videos, templatesCheap Website DesignOr sell icons on DRIBBBLE, and more. Then, let the money supplement your main income, which will allow you to have a stress-free vacation.The things mentioned in this article can be very good advice, especially now, because we are in the first month of summer and for the two summer months ahead, using these tips can benefit you and the site design business. Be you.


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اگر به تازگی وارد دنیای وب شده اید و متوجه نیازتان به یک وبسایت برای خود ویا کسب و کار خود هستید پیشنهاد ما به شما مطالعه ای مقالات ما در این زمینه می باشد که میتواند کمک فراوانی جهت پشرفت شما و همچنین موجب افزایش اطلاعات شما در این زمینه خواهد شد
در ابتدا باید بگوییم که در جوامع امروزی هر شخص , شرکت , سازمان , تولیدی , فروشگاه و… نیازمند یک وب سایت جهت معرفی خود و خدمات و حتی ارئه خدمات از این طریق می باشد واین مهم یک نیاز اصلی می باشد

انواع طراحی سایت
کادر فنی مجرب و حرفه ای توس وب با استفاده از جدیدترین تکنولوژی های وب در زمینه طراحی سایت بصورت پیشرفته و با بکارگیری جدید ترین متود ها و کدنویسی و برنامه نویسی حرفه ای , کلیه سرویس های مرتبط با راه اندازی سایت آماده ارائه خدمات به شما می باشد
پروسه ایجاد سایت در شرکت توس وب بر اساس معیارهایی همچون کیفیت بالای کد نویسی برنامه نویسی و نیز گرافیک زیبا و حرفه ای مطابق با نیاز مشتریان و استاندارد های وب , کدنویسی و برنامه نویسی حرفه ای وب مطابق با استانداردهای جهانی و سرعت بالای بارگذاری و رعایت استاندارد اینترفیس و در مواردی به در خواست مشتریان طراحی سایت رسپانسیو ( واکنش گرا ) می باشد.

وب سایت می تواند به چند منظور ایفای نقش نماید
• معرفی کامل سازمان ، موسسه ، شرکت و یا شخص
• معرفی خدمات و محصولات و جذب مشتری بیشتر و رونق تجارت
• ارائه خدمات اینترنتی
• فروش اینترنتی
• پایگاه اطلاع رسانی
ما آماده هستیم تا

طراحی سایت شرکتی
ساخت سایت شخصی
ایجاد سایت فروشگاهی
ایجاد وب سایت دانلودی
ساخت وب سایت مذهبی
راه اندازی سایت خبری
طراحی سایت ارزان
طراحی سایت وردپرس
شما را با استفاده از تکنولوژیهای روز دنیا به اجرا بگذاریم و نهایت کیفیت را همراه با خدمات پس از فروش و پشتیبانی را برای شما به ارمغان آوریم.
شرکت توس وب با تکیه بر تجربه چندین ساله کارشناسان خود ، پروژه های ایجاد وب سایت در زمینه های مختلف را توسط تیم متخصص مورد تجزیه تحلیل و پیاده سازی قرار می دهد که این پروسه بطور خلاصه بشرح زیل می باشد:
• مشاوره ، اطلاع رسانی کامل و ایده دهی به مشتری ، نیاز سنجی وب سایت
• طراحی واسط گرافیکی با زیباترین کیفیت و تأیید طرح توسط مشتری
• کد نویسی استاتیک( HTML ، CSS ، JavaScript ) و تأیید توسط مشتری
• برنامه نویسی php ( ورپرس و جوملا )
• آپلود وب سایت بر روی هاست و اینترنت
• بهینه سازی وب سایت برای موتورهای جستجو (در صورت نیاز مشتری )

و در انتها لازم به ذکر است که کلیه پروژه های که در این مجموعه طراحی می شود کاملا داینامیک، با کدهای استاندارد و مطابق با الگوریتم های جدید گوگل بهینه سازی شده است و از این رو این سایت می توانند بعد از مدتی فعالیت دارای رتبه خوبی در موتورهای جستجو گوگل، بینگ و یاهو داشته باشند.
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